The Function of Packaging Sponge








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                The Function of Packaging Sponge

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                The main component of sponge EVA (Chinese name: polyethylene acetate-ethyl ester) is the resin which is copolymerized by ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure. Although it is non-toxic and harmless, it is generally not used for direct packaging of food.

                EVA sponge is widely used in automobile, hardware, electronics, toys, ceramics, audio, horn, handicraft, glass products, furniture, precision instruments, steel, large equipment and other products and industries. Packing lining of various precision instruments, medical tools and measuring tools.

                Packaging sponge

                The advantage of packing sponge is to make articles safer, prevent breaking and deformation. In today's society, logistics and transportation industry indispensable materials, reduce the transport process has played a full role in the protection of goods.



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