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                Address:50 meters south of the intersection of Xinqing Road and East Yangtze Road in Liuhe Town, Taicang City

                1.8 km from Hutai Road Checkpoint

                1.5 km from Liuxiang Highway

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                Yiyu Industry was established in 2005 as a customized manufacturer integrating EVA lining, sponge processing and pearl cotton production and packaging. Fourteen years of professional experience in EVA foam customization can provide customers with interior packaging design. The company has a professional technical team, relying on strong scientific research strength and advanced management mode, and imported fully automated flat foam production line, round foam production line and various processing and testing equipment with international advanced level to ensure productivity efficiency and product quality, and passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification.

                The company promises to produce maps in one day and samples in two days.

                As one of the sponge suppliers in China, the company attaches great importance to the research and development and design of sponge products. At present, the company produces 18 types of "Yiyu" sponge products with more than 500 specifications, including high-resilience sponge, slow-resilience sponge, flame-retardant sponge, foam composite sponge, filter sponge, yellow bra sponge and high-load cushioning sponge series, which are mainly suitable for furniture manufacturing, bedding, vehicle production, sports goods, packaging materials, medical technology and other series. And so on. With excellent product quality and excellent customer service, Yiyu products mainly develop the domestic market, won the unanimous praise of domestic customers.

                Yiyu Industry has always adhered to the service concept of "Quality First, Customer First", and is committed to becoming a model of China's sponge industry, making greater contributions to promoting the progress of China's sponge technology and creating a better life for mankind.

                After years of hard work, we will uphold the spirit of professional, innovative, fashionable, scientific and technological, fast, accurate and honest service. We look forward to sincere cooperation with you and sincere service for you.

                Corporate culture: honesty, steadfastness and high quality!

                Business philosophy: to pursue excellence without end, keep pace with the times and create the future!

                Values: Pursuing value is the starting point of our work, creating value is the driving force of our life, and realizing value is our eternal pursuit!

                Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship: life pursuit is not over, since ancient times love to fight will win!

                Motivation for entrepreneurship: Do business with love and be grateful!

                Suzhou Yiyu Industrial Co., Ltd.


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                f.png   021-5954-1477              a.png   The intersection of Xinqing Road and Yangtze East Road in Liuhe Town of Taicang City is 50 meters south/1.8 kilometers from Shanghai-Tai Road Checkpoint/1.5 kilometers from Liuxiang Road.

                Suzhou Yiyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

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