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                Suzhou Yiyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

                Technology research and development

                Relying on its strong technology R&D capability, Yiyu Industry's sustained R&D and innovation ability can be realized, and thus obtain high-quality equipment.

                Quality Control

                The employees of Yiyu Industry have a special sense of responsibility and outstanding team consciousness. Therefore, under the high quality control standard, relying on high-precision components, the equipment quality of Yiyu Industry meets the highest standards in the industry.

                Application area

                Due to the support of modern technology and technology, Yiyu Industry provides customized equipment for customers, and is committed to bringing positive solutions to all customer requirements.

                Service idea

                Yiyu Industry can provide high quality service to our customers all day long. Any pre-sale and post-sale problems can be solved in 24 hours.



                Providing all-round, high-quality and professional products and services with excellent professional knowledge and high service level

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                Suzhou Yiyu Industrial Co., Ltd.


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                f.png   021-5954-1477              a.png   The intersection of Xinqing Road and Yangtze East Road in Liuhe Town of Taicang City is 50 meters south/1.8 kilometers from Shanghai-Tai Road Checkpoint/1.5 kilometers from Liuxiang Road.

                Suzhou Yiyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

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